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Nov. 27th, 2015

I finally finished my damn Hunger Games post (before the end of November!), which is a really good feeling. It's not like it took a ton of writing, I just find it hard when doing movie-related posts to judge how much period comparanda I should bring in, so I avoid avoid avoid.

I finally found what was making my fridge smell! There was the most disgusting, oldest can (open, of course) of crushed tomatoes in the back. Just black inside. So awful. But now maybe things will improve.

Yesterday, I went to the Thanksgiving of the daughter of a museum volunteer. Her other daughter was there, the first daughter's husband, two of their friends, the other daughter's daughter, and the two great-grandkids. It was draining! Not too bad - there was no politics or religion - but the little boy was a bit naughty (tried to steal my purse at one point) and it was a little disturbing to me how nobody really engaged with the toddler. I left on the early side (but after the friends) because the granddaughter was weirdly sullen and I thought it might be that she just wanted to be with her family. Made Parker House rolls with barley malt syrup - delicious.

Watching The Iron lady this evening, pretending it's not about Thatcher. (It's getting hard to pick things off my Netflix queue because I've watched all the fun things and nearly everything else is dark. Or subtitled. Can't watch subtitles while typing/sewing.) It's very good as long as you do that - good period piece, good character piece, good acting. ♥ Harry Lloyd. I would actually prefer the whole movie to be about the 1950s.

I finally went looking at DSW for boots and realized from looking at their categories that I wanted a combat boot. Found one I liked! Now I can have my feet warm and comfortable.

Cut out all of the pieces for Butterick B5707 today. I think my scissors are terrible and need sharpening if not replacement, but it should turn out well.

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Nov. 24th, 2015

I bought some really cute tights and three pairs of thick stockings from Sock Dreams. The stockings do all go over my knees, but they're all too thick for garter clips to hold them up. I'm going to try out just wearing them as-is, but might have to get band garters.

So my second Butterick 5556 looks really 80s, I think, but mainly because it's so brown. Very Nostalgia of Mud. Maybe I'll get use to it, though. And in my next dress, I'm going to tone the FB down, I've been adding something like 4" and I think it's just too much. But even Mom likes this one! You don't understand, we hate each other's clothes (although we have very similar feelings about really historical styles - that stripped-down thing I go for is totally the way she dresses IRL).

I think I left my cheapo Walmart fake diamond girandole-style earrings in the motel in Ottawa. :( And I didn't even wear them. Going to write/call and ask them about it, meanwhile look harder here.

The director at the museum in Potsdam asked me to bring over an outfit for them to dress for their Dickensian Christmas thing, so I brought them my Cranford cotton gown. And then I got a tour of the collections storage, which is a little scattered, but their clothing is all very neatly put into (horrible heavy Hollinger) boxes and put into custom-built wooden shelving so that each box has its shelf and you don't have to stack them. Got some envy there! And then since I'd gone all the way to Potsdam, I figured I'd go to the co-op, which is like the health-food store in Canton (I'm pretty sure they're affiliated in some way) but twice as large - I got some things we don't have in Canton, like lard (what will I do with it? I don't know!) and barley malt syrup and tofu and a piece of baklava. That was a nice treat. It's was all enough to make me wish I had friends, so we could go hang out and walk around in Potsdam where they have some stores to window-shop in. #foreveralone

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Nov. 21st, 2015

I can't remember if the books addressed it, but what was Panem going to do for coal after burning down District 12? If a district is so unnecessary that you can get rid of it, why have it in the first place?

Mockingjay MatineeCollapse )

One of the authors on Writing Excuses is Mary Robinette Kowal, whose name was totally unfamiliar to me, but she wrote Shades of Milk & Honey. It's weird, because she's the one who hits on some of the things that are most relevant to me (the other authors being more epic and/or actiony in scope), but at the same time it's like, I really disliked that book. I can't remember if I even finished it. It was P&P mashed up with Jane Eyre. I ordered a book of hers she mentioned on the podcast that's a pseudo-historical take on Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart growing up knowing each other, and I ordered it from the library. Normally I have very bad luck (there are 65 libraries in this network, and they are all podunk apparently), but there was one copy, and I've got it. We're hitting some pet peeves by page three, but I'm going to give it a chance.

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Nov. 20th, 2015

Decided: I'm going to make another dolman sleeve dress, because I love compliments, and I wore it again today and got some more. This time, I'm going to lower the bust point (I find making a new bust point when doing an FBA completely flummoxing and always make it too high) and also do a swayback adjustment. Although reading more about said adjustment, is it just me or do they design patterns so they fit best on someone slouching, and the "swayback" is just good posture? I don't think I'm excessively curvy right there.

Then over Thanksgiving, I'm going to make Butterick B5707 in a cranberry kind of red wool gabardine, hopefully finishing before the holiday open house at work, because that would be really cute for a Christmas thing, right? (That's going to be interesting to FBA. So far, nothing that I've adjusted has been a traditional bodice.)

My foot has stopped hurting, so I'm pretty sure now that I have neither rheumatoid arthritis nor gout. Now I need to get some ankle boots that have no heel and fit my aesthetic, which is proving to be impossible even separately. It's like somebody decided boots should all be in one style.

Fitz is the worst character on Scandal. Rowan is literally more sympathetic. Nobody could possibly dislike Melly anymore. He's just the worst. I hope he gets assassinated for real this season. The only person who comes close to his level of awful and stupid is that woman who didn't know what a freaking snickerdoodle was.

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Nov. 19th, 2015

Things I like about PastPerfect V: Not opening fields as windows that have to be x'd out to save the record. It's a lot easier to navigate between, say, the People fields of different records this way.

Things I hate about PastPerfect V: THE LAG IS SO MUCH WORSE. I click on a field, type, realize I'm not in edit mode, click edit, oops the first field on the page is now full of irrelevant letters. I swear it's worse in V than IV. Or maybe it's just the networking slowing it down? Maybe I'm unfair.

I have to rant, which I normally don't do while at work, but it's so frustrating. Read more...Collapse )

I already know not to let this get under my skin, but it does, it just does.

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Nov. 18th, 2015

Fascinating tidbits from my life lately:

So I felt like wearing darker winter lipstick made my blush stand out too much, like there's pink clown makeup all over my face. I decided to try not wearing blush, thinking it would make me crazy pale. Nope, somehow my cheeks still look too pink. I can deal, though.

I have to wear a tank top and shorts to bed because I'm such a furnace that even if I'm cold when I go to bed, I'm very toasty a few hours later. But it's cold in the apartment, so I wear flannels before going to bed and after waking up. I don't know if I should keep on with this, ask for a flannel robe/fabric for Christmas, or buy some flannel and make one.

Trying to figure out my next sewing project, with a kind of fuzzy/nubbly wool with a rectangular check. Options:

- Butterick 5556. Pros: know how to make it fit, goes together really quickly (no sleeves to set in). Cons: just did it, not sure if flattering.

- Butterick 6018. Pros: again know how to make fit, can modify into charming V-neck, no waist seam to have to mess with. Cons: would have to find a different sleeve somewhere, still annoyed that last version came out badly.

- Butterick 5813. Pros: longer sleeves, still like the drawing, prior experience. Cons: Tricky to fit (where is horizontal seam supposed to be??), lower torso panels may be unflattering to short waists.

Leaning toward option one just for the speed issue - plus, the day I wore it I got several strong compliments.

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Nov. 14th, 2015

I was going to finish the skirt this evening, but it's just so hard to sew on the deep, deep black in this dim light. So I attached the yoke facing at the top (via machine) and have left whipping it down and doing the hem until tomorrow morning, when I can see. I should be able to do that before lunch, it's not very much. Ooh, I can't wait to wear it, and I can't wait to see what Gunnison Chapel looks like in the day, with light coming through the windows.

Netflix has somehow gotten the licenses to all these Disney and other cartoons. So I'm watching Robin Hood this evening. No shame, well, barely any shame. It was my favorite movie when I was three.

R/Fantasy introduced me to the Writing Excuses podcast, which I'm liking a lot. (Easier to browse through this link.) Some really good writing exercises there, and the individual episodes aren't too long. And they have transcripts for those who prefer to read. Although in the one I just read there was a vaguely Harry Potter-negative opinion which makes it hard for me to trust them.


This is the big difference between Harry and Hermione. If you go in the book and say, “What does Harry want?” It’s so hard to figure out.

See what I mean? They're not being sarcastic, even.

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Nov. 13th, 2015

This skirt is coming out so well!! It would be better with a 9" zipper instead of a 7" one, but the wool has enough natural stretch that I don't think the CB seam will pop. In profile it's not madly flattering: it's one of those pencil skirts with front pleats (view D). But head-on it looks very good. I've probably said it before but I'll say it again so it sticks: PATTERN SIZE 12. THAT IS MY SIZE. 12 and a little bit, maybe. But not 14 and definitely not 16 despite what the packets say.

Funny, when I search the pattern name it looks like almost everybody made this version. Usually whatever one I'm looking for in the reviews is the one nobody likes! Looking at the others makes me wish I'd done the tabs on the sides of the yoke, but as it is I just have the yoke facing and hem to do tomorrow night, so it's probably for the best.

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The first real challenge of my vow to make my clothes: I need to wear a white top and black on the bottom for the concert on Sunday (which kind of crept up on me), and I don't have any of my black skirts here, just the black skirt with white rose doodles - nixed by the director - and the one with grey stripes - approved, but I had described it as "pinstriped" and when I got home I realized that it's way heavier than that, and of course it also has that hot pink lining. What I had was an irregular piece of vintage black wool left over from when Mom made pants for a teenage boy's costume, and a box of patterns. It was hard, because my style tends to longer hems, but I found a pattern for a short pencil skirt and cut out the pieces. I have all the first steps pinned together, and tomorrow after work I'll do as much sewing as I can. Unfortunately it will be black on black and my sewing area is poorly lit (treadles don't really have lights attached), and I'm working Saturday, so it's all going to be difficult. But I'm determined!

Every time I make something, there's always so much confusion about pattern sizes. I'm pretty sure I've decided that 12 is the correct one across the board when I'm not doing an FBA (then I cut a 10 in the chest). Hopefully it fits! Imagine my chagrin if it does not!

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Nov. 8th, 2015

Did I sleep in late enough for how late I stayed out? Of course not.

So I checked into the motel around 3:30 yesterday, which was too late to really do anything but too early to get ready and go, so I hung around and watched Music & Lyrics on TV. Ducked out to Pizza Pizza for dindins, which was much worse than I expected it to be (I should have looked up a better place a bit farther away but I get nervous about timing and being finished in time). Came back and did my hair in a bun with my tiara, then got dressed. Realized corset needs bones in back very badly but somehow never get around to getting them and putting them in, but having straps sewn down and busk sewn in did make a big difference.

I made it to the old town hall/senior center all right, but parking was a nightmare. I ended up in a dark lot halfway down the block - it said tenants and customers only, but the stores were closed and I took the chance, although I was so stressed for the first two-thirds of the ball. I actually asked several people for advice as to whether I should move it, and the first few gave me I-don't-know looks while telling me they thought I might be okay. Finally someone told me they were pretty sure I'd at most very a ticket, not towed (which had been a big concern as I can't use my phone as a phone here), but he didn't think either would happen, so the knot of fear went away.

Did pretty well! I had sold one of my gratis copies to a friend at the museum meeting in the morning, and sold the other five at the ball. Feel a bit bad that I didn't sell any museum copies, but at least I didn't leave without having sold anything. It even worked out okay that I didn't have any Canadian money - for the first sale, I gave American change for Canadian money, and then had a few exact change American sales and another Canadian. A couple of people took my card and said they'd get it on Amazon because they didn't bring money or checkbooks or anything. I think it gave me the confidence to write to Batsford ... although they were all more interested in a men's book than another period, and I'm just not as into that. But we'll see what my editor says.

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Nov. 4th, 2015

Sewed in the busk of my Regency corset; now just need to sew straps in again. I had cut so deep into the neckline ands armscye that the bits where I reversed were completely gone, so I shouldn't be surprised that they came undone.

Revelation: Twix bars are essentially drier millionaire's shortbread. No wonder they're so addictive.

Thinking about the corset I'm going to make. I was going to run with a totally new pattern, something gored, but I think it makes more sense to do the same C&C shaped-panel one that I have now, just adjust it. Once I have a corset with the right finished measurements, then it'll be time to try new patterns and techniques - not to mention make early, mid, and late Victorian styles instead of just having one that's kind of generic and using it for everything. The main area to fix here is that the hips are too narrow, but I think the bust is too high as well, and that's causing some of the fitting troubles I've had.

After ripping open the two back seams at the hip, I'm starting to think that the Corsetmaking Revolution proportion method is not great. Every piece does not get the same amount of widening - the front is fine, but the back needed several more inches at the bottom. Pinned a piece of twill tape inside the bottom to keep the dimensions, what I have minus two inches on either side should do it. Although I could see taking three out of the waist ...

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Foof, I need to clean my apartment badly.

So, [personal profile] wereleopard's wedding! It was an excellent affair.

I drove down on Friday, and we went to an artisanal pizza place for lunch, which was delicious. I could have been satisfied with half my pizza, but decided not to have the bother of finding a place for it and just ate all of it instead. That's when Julie gave us our bridesmaid gifts, all-important tissues and such, a sticky lint pad that completely flummoxed me (completely), and our masks and jewelry. We wore masks! Gorgeous filigree black metal ones with rhinestones, each one different. The jewelry was made by Julie's mother and was also personalized. After lunch the bridesmaids kind of took a wander through the upstairs at the venue, Ventfort Hall, which wasn't really meant to be seen without a guided tour, but it was pretty great. There's a small wedding dress exhibition up.

We were staying at Taggart House, which was also lovely but very hot for some reason. Otherwise very comfortable, the master suite was absolutely palatial.

The costumes were a. complete. dream. Julie's concept - her in purple, us in black and purple made from any bustle pattern we wanted - was so cool, more brides should do it, frankly. Everyone looked great and harmonized so well. I'm going to do a blog post because the world needs to see it. The hairdressers came in from Saratoga and they were happy about doing more exciting hair than the usual wedding stuff; after looking around the NYPL Digital Collection, I realized I really liked the style that's kind of a mass of hair with no ringlets, and they did that for me very nicely. I borrowed a braided switch from Julie to go across the top of my head, but the main base of it was on the ball of hair I've been saving for ages, so ha, Mom, they didn't even say it was gross (although they could very well have been thinking it). Took 49 bobby pins, but they got it to stay up!

I also realized that I need to make a new corset, as mine lacks sufficient hip spring and killed my lower back the whole time it was on. So that's the next project, after Ottawa.

I'm unfortunately still mired in self-loathing over a couple of awkward faux-pas but that's life, so I'm trying not to fixate (but Julie, if the dance caller says that one of your bridesmaids is a bitch it was me and I'M SORRY, I just thought the first dance was too confusing for a lot of people).

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Oct. 28th, 2015

Third review, yay! I want to post asking for people to review, but it hasn't been long enough for anyone to make anything so I'm holding off.

Ughhhhh my back hurts so much. Cramps. This is actually a great thing! I was scheduled to blow on Halloween, which was increasing my stress, which was making my period acne even worse. So after Catherine what-happened-to-your-face'd me I started dabbing with hydrogen peroxide, which has been helping. And normally when I'm stressed my period waits and waits and the PMS just continues ... But this time it came a few days early! So I feel kind of crappy right now but my skin is so much less blotchy and I won't have to deal with it at the wedding, probably.

Speaking of, am not doing the one hour dress. It needs too much thought put into fitting etc. and I haven't been able to deal with it. Looks like butt, no hems done. But! I could change into Regency and stop having to deal with the bustle. I've sewn in the bands of tape I put across the front opening of the latter to make it presentable (this is really the crappiest bustle anyone's ever seen), and tomorrow I'll have to resew the Regency corset straps and sew across the top and bottom of the busk pocket. Whhhhyyyy are all of my costume underthings make-dos. Edit: shhhhhh no okay, I'm wearing a totally different outfit and its really cute and still a bit fancy and has some black in it. I'm just so excited!

A cut out the pieces to Butterick B5556 (rounded collar version). I have more than a yard less fabric than it requires, but by cutting four panels instead of eight and making the sides just a slight bit less flared I waas able to cut it out with even a bit extra for mistakes. The only trouble is that I had to look up how to do an FBA with dolman sleeves and I'm not totally sure I did it right. Still, worst comes to worst, I'll piece in a bit on the end or down the arm or make a gusset in the armpit.

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Oct. 26th, 2015

Well, when someone who only sees you at work runs into you in the supermarket and gasps, "What happened to your face?!" ... I guess at least you know that your work-week makeup game is pretty strong.

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Oct. 25th, 2015

FINALLY watching Doctor Who, you guys. I'm broadly liking 9.01 so far. It makes absolutely no sense but Capaldi + Missy are dynamite. I hope Missy gets to keep being in this season in this way.

I haven't really sat down and looked at the finished copy of RWD because I hate examining my own finished work, but I just realized that they didn't really go with my picture captions. NO. Mine were like "walking dress, Journal des Dames et des Modes, April 1806" and that's it. I don't like some of the ones they wrote.

I'm always buying bread and then throwing it out, so I finally got my Zojirushi bread maker out. It only makes little bread cubes, see. Like six slices. So it won't have time to go moldy.

Also caught up on posting to Dress at Downton. The mauve-burgundy-brown-lavender color family everywhere it really putting me off, except for how Edith is never a part of it. Still not over [spoiler] at the end of 6.05, that was REALLY unexpected.

Stressed and anxious about everything, my face is horribly broken out. There are pros and cons to both Ottawa ideas - buying my own books to sell vs. taking the museum's. The latter means no extra money for me, but also no risk. STOP STOP STOP brain, it's not that big of a deal. Oh, but my Regency corset is still terrible and fits really poorly. I can't get dressed by myself. Ugh, why can't it be like two or three weeks after Halloween instead of the next weekend? I just feel so crappy.

This explanation of why daleks shout exterminate works for me.

I really want to write, but I can't find the notebook where I started this novel. And now I cut, me talking about writing is even more boring than me talking about RWD.

...Collapse )

I thought briefly about working on this for NaNo, but I do not want/need that stress.

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Two things I forgot

Dad was much less optimistic about Ottawa sales than Mom. His suggestion is to take the books that we get for the gift shop and collect the money for the museum, so I don't have to risk so much money buying stock, and treat it like a fun trip. This seems really sensible to me.

Crap, I forgot the second thing. What was the second thing?

Potential second things: I hit 300k hits on my blog probably yesterday. I'm going to email the Cornell Costume collection and see what they have for the 18th century. I'm watching Shanghai Noon because it's an amazing movie.

ETA: Oh! Dude! I have been offered personally (ie not the museum) a magnificent costume collection to protect and study. I am crazy honored and more than slightly nervous. That's what it was.

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Oh dear

I realized when I woke up before my alarm this morning and had some time to obsess that the real issue is that I'll probably be mostly paid in Canadian money and checks. Got to lock the museum up this morning and check at the bank what they do in that situation.

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Oct. 22nd, 2015

Watching Madame Bovary this evening and trying not to yell at the screen. "You can't get out of your dress yourself? Why? Oh, because your day dress laces up the back LIKE YOU'RE AN IDIOT?? Why is your shawl rectangular? Why does your bonnet have a weird back cutout?" If only the movie had been widely criticized, then I'd be able to appreciate how artistic it is.

Why is she affluent enough to have a white wedding dress, but only has one day dress? Why is she doing embroidery by a small flame when there's perfectly good daylight coming in? Why does she look 1840s but have fashion plates from the 1860s and even 1880s and 1890s??

It does get better, though. About halfway through the clothing is exotic and costumey enough that accuracy stops mattering at all.

It's upsetting how fat I look in this pair of sports bras. Eddie Izzard was right, breasts are great because they give you that concavity underneath. Plus when being proportionally busty is part of your self-image, seeing yourself flat and waistless is very strange.

Cut out my 1 hour dress. BREATHE. It's so slippery, I'm going to have to sew it by hand, I think. :/ Otherwise I'll end up spending just as much time fussing with the machine and unpicking and reading. Right? It's six seams and a few hems. Pinning it was a huge chore.

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My deaccession meeting yesterday went very well: Everything Must Go, except for this tasseled sash that I thought was some kind of drapery piece but one of the two committee members who actually came recognized it as belonging to Newton Martin Curtis. (It had a paper tag on it saying that I had been in a box marked Curtis, and my reading was that that was a reference to the donor, but he'd been involved with setting up our NMC exhibit and remembered how there had been some of his stuff that nobody could find at the time. NB we were meeting in the same room as the exhibit and I still didn't make the connection on my own. But this morning I saw the sash in the photograph of him with two other officers, and I folded it up and put it in the display case with his epaulettes and scarf and medals.

Watching this June Carter/Johnny Cash movie on Netflix. It's not terrible but not that great, either, in comparison to Walk the Line. Orite, it's called Ring of Fire. But June's wearing a long line bra and girdle under this wiggle dress, so points for historical accuracy.

It's so cold. Reconsidering my 1920s reception dress plans - what would be a good idea to do for warmth over a sleeveless charmeuse 1920s dress? I guess I do have a fleecy wrap I could throw on while we eat ...

I got an email from someone coordinating the Ottawa English Country Dance ball on the 7th, asking if I wanted to go to sell. I can make it, but I asked a few questions before answering solidly - I have to pay $18.90 for each copy (although I think that's the institutional price, and my price is $17.50), so I want to know about how many people will be there. The registration fee for just the ball (its actually a Friday-Saturday event, and I'd do the whole thing but I have to work) is $40, do they want me to pay that to just go and sell or do I get a discount for just hanging out and selling? Or do I pay the whole amount and get to dance despite not attending the workshops? I'll have to get a motel room for the night, so I have to sell a certain amount to cover that ... It's hard, entrepreneurship!

Actually, looking over my contract it says the publishers will pay for me to do promotional stuff, "all reasonable expenses" anyway. I'll have to send the publicist/marketer an email asking about what's reasonable tomorrow. And maybe I'll write to my editor to see what she thinks about the 18th century book. :3

OH NO, MOTHER MAYBELLE JUST DIED. Tears, tears. The costumes in this are pretty ... I want to say fabulous because they do such a good job of hewing to the year, but obvi after 1965 or so my feeling is just "no". It gets very hideous.

Somebody said on FB that they "disagreed" with a couple of my patterns. What does this mean? The dating? The pattern pieces? What??

Oh, I found out what promo stuff was happening. Sabine said she doesn't do reviews (NO I wanted to give you a free one!), there are some magazine reviews coming up, and they sent my other blog reviewer ideas to the people in the US and NZ, but apparently they haven't decided yet? Or maybe she just doesn't know. I want to find out.

Sue also showed my book to the head of an 1812 reenactment group who asked me to do a lecture at their Battle of Ogdensburg reenactment in February. That means that after this ball I need to go back to that checked cotton long-sleeved dress so I have something wintry. Ooh, and a spencer or pelisse and headgear. I need to change the bodice of the dress from gathered to darted, though,I don't think the gathers work for me. Crap, I have to fix my corset before this ball. And I still don't really have a chemise that works for my evening dress, or even a petticoat, I think.

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Oh no more angst to spill on you all

I finally got my books! DHL kicked the hell out of the box, it was in very sorry shape, but the books were all right.

And I am totally wrecked because of course what do I notice but all the places where the lines don't quite match up? The layouts I saw were PDFs and shrunk-down print copies, so it looked like everything was smooth. FRIG. Srsly if I were reviewing it that would be the first thing I complained about.

Should I look into getting a tax ID? I got an invitation to come to an Ottawa ball to sell books and the more I consider trying to figure out when and for how long I can sell my books in person, the more it seems like I should just get the ID. I'll write to the NYS revenue service and see what they say I would need to do.

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