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- I did take the plunge and buy the Nexus! I'll worry about selling my Amazon gift cards to someone and getting the birthday money I never got from Dad later. I deserve to have a decent phone. Especially as I'm going to move in with Mom in a couple of weeks.

- Tried to order the sim card from T-Mobile so it could get here around the same time, but I had a ton of problems and had to go to the help chat; couldn't type in the box on the help chat, had to phone; the downstairs land line's battery was empty so I used my phone and reception was so bad I had to apologize and hang up. I will go to the mall the night I get the phone to buy a sim card in person.

- I'm stupidly tense about it all coming together before I have to give my badge back in so I can get that discount. But TBH 100 minutes for $30 is probably a decent deal for me, even though unlimited for $35 would obviously be better. Why do I impose these restrictions on myself?

- Called the Dept. of Civil Service, left a voicemail about my faxed transcript. It's probably going to take them a few days, hopefully it will be all straightened out by then.

- I think the place Melissa took my car for an estimate way padded it out. I finally looked at it closely, and there's a LOT that isn't directly related to taking a dent out of the panel - glass, lights, etc. WTF? It looked like they added about ten hours of work onto it. I still may take it to small claims court (there's got to be a chance that a judge would rule that they need to pay at least 75%, it's not a straightforward "two people backing into each other" case), but I want to get another estimate when Dad takes it to deal with the check engine light FOR THE THIRD TIME THIS WINTER and see how much it is.

- This bodice is going to be finished in Lake George because I spent all evening screwing around with T-Mobile.

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Jan. 10th, 2014 05:57 am (UTC)
Pre party sewing bee!!! :D
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