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putting off doing things

I decided to treat myself with very, very marked-down Sims expansions on Origin - Ambitions, which I've always been curious about, and Roaring Heights, which is a TOTALLY ART DECO-THEMED WORLD, and all the family descriptions are super early-'30s, and there's new hair and clothes and furniture and patterns and buildings, and it is seriously amazing. But last night when I played it was all a bit frustrating, which I think is because I aimed too high and decided to try out one of the new professions while in Roaring Heights. Too much, too much! Roaring Heights is all about story and Ambitions is all about gameplay. But it's sad that a lot of the 1930s-themed appliances and such are actually the crappy ones, and they'll have to be replaced with things that look more modern.

Another research assistant position in the Costume Institute ... found it through MuseWeekly, I'm going to go for it, but my hopes are extremely conflicted. I'd love to get it but it's a position that ends next summer, so how to deal with leases and such? And I feel like it's pointless to try, given my last two attempts. But I can't just not try either. So anyway, that's today's business - that application and the other six I found.

ETA: Damn, I just remembered the really bad thing. This project runs chronologically. By now they're probably around the turn of the 19th century. And they already know there that I'm only good to about the 1950s-60s. ~futility of life~

In order to get out more and maybe get more experience, I've started volunteering with the Gill Room, which is the library's archive and also kind of the local historical society - the place is mainly old newspapers and genealogy. I was hoping they'd have some complicated project that needs doing, but instead I'm photocopying articles from the local paper within the last few years on significant subjects to be put in binders, which is absolutely a ridiculous thing to be doing archivally in this day and age, but whatever. It's something to do. The only thing is I'm really self-conscious about working when other people are down there, so I'll probably go this afternoon and use Mom's key to get in.

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Jul. 13th, 2014 12:31 am (UTC)
Good luck with the Costume Institute position! If it happens, you'll work out all the details, don't worry!
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