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Redrew the bodice/belt/butt-bow page of the pattern today - it looks MUCH better, and has some more information on it (like full-scale drawings of the trim). The added info didn't really make much of a dent in the description, which is a page long, but some of the more awkward sentences were able to be excised.

I knew I'd won Best Of 2016 in something from BadHistory via PM, but I finally went and checked it out (I can't read it as often because modding at AskHistorians makes me unable to deal with not being able to delete stupid comments elsewhere) and I won a mod's choice, basically, for people that didn't get nominated but the mods felt deserved recognition.

/u/chocolatepot for her posts on clothing throughout history. Always well researched, written, and sourced, it's been a pleasure to get an insight into this, often overlooked, part of history. We found out that Jane Austen travelled through time to pose for a painting, wet-chemise contests in Regency times (I might not remember that one correctly), corsets that allow people to breathe, Mediaeval POC not understanding clothing, etc. If you ever find King Edward's Time Machine, this is the woman to contact to make sure you don't stand out like a sore thumb.

Sherlock, so far. S4 seems really fanficcy to me, but in a good way. They're definitely stretching Sherlock's characterization to create more emotional moments, but that's cool with me because I love iddy moments, and quite frankly iddy >>> consistent, at least as long as the id it appeals to is my own.

But like, Sherlock having a secret sister is so fanfiction. (Is there a secret daughter trope, I wonder?) And I strongly suspect that the next episode will have a certain amount of Rosie in it, and the two of them being cute with her, and I do know for a fact that "Sherlock and John take care of a baby, usually their adopted son named Hamish" is a trope.

Original post: http://chocolatepot.dreamwidth.org/933853.html - comment wherever you please.


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