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There are a lot of people on Tumblr who are so smug about their highbrow taste and their non-fannishness but are also obsessed with UST between male characters who will never be in a relationship in classic lit and tv shows. Just saying!

Because I am so very busy, I of course restarted the novel I've been working on for 15 years. Excerpts to come in a bit. I am loving reflecting on the honking big differences in my style from 17 to now (total ripoff of Sorcery & Cecelia -> authentic period voice) and in my plotting (villain going to do Big Bad Magic Thing -> smaller scale and focus on social relationships). I also love that a character I initially stuck in a few years ago because "all the women other than the protag are bad, she should also have a female friend" leapt onto the page as a real cool customer and now she's the love interest. The original love interest will be just a friend and financer of their Boston marriage.

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