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HurtComfortEx Letter

The only DNWs I have I think are pretty unlikely to be accidentally used, but for formality's sake I'll list them. Please don't kill off any of the characters in the fic. Please don't have any of the characters in my HP or DS9 prompts hurt the other, and in the Original Work prompts if one character has hurt the other it must be apologized for.

Harry Potter
Sirius/Remus (Remus hurt)
Tonks/Remus (Remus hurt)

Character is ill but insists on battling on the frontlines anyway
Painful Werewolf Transformation
Hurt character is used to having to tend to their own wounds
Character sloppily caring for their own wounds
Cleaning/treating wounds
Accidental love confession from hurt character due to them not thinking clearly
A confession in a desperate situation has to be dealt with afterwards
Love confession to sick/hurt character
Love confession by sick/hurt character

I definitely love seeing Remus hurt and taken care of - this can be the obvious hurt (transformation) or something else (in this case, being unwell and still fighting anyway). And as one of the most repressed characters in the books, I also like to see how he lets go and confesses his love! I am totally open to both R/S and R/T, and when it comes to R/S I also equally love pre-Azkaban and post-Azkaban settings (and even AUs where they both survive, at least past OotP).

Original Work</i>

Idealistic Emotional Prince/His More Practical Male Adviser and Childhood Friend (both hurt)
Female Pirate Captain/Female Stowaway (hurt Stowaway)
Destitute Noble/Loyal Retainer (hurt Retainer)or Destitute Noble/Loyal Retainer (hurt Noble)
Con artist/Lonely rich person (hurt lonely rich person)
Queen/Princess of Enemy Country (hurt Princess)

Choosing friendship or love over political loyalty
Character's Past Trauma Is Revealed Against Their Will
Character Touch-Starved Due to Past Abuse
Character feels guilt about past actions
A Forced to Humiliate Themselves Publicly; B Comforts Them After
Character taken prisoner; expects torture/humiliation; gets kind & honorable treatment

It's always so hard to write letter prompts for original works because there are so many blank spaces, and I don't want to cramp you up. I will say that I prefer historical or fantasy-historical settings, and (for the non-gender-specific prompts) I like m/f, f/f, and m/m, with a slight preference for the first two. Loyalty and tenderness are wonderful characteristics to combine, and people reluctantly coming to feel them for those they didn't expect them from. I'd prefer the hurts to come from a character not in the pairing, unless accidental or relatively minor (ie, no torture of the stowaway, the con artist hasn't engineered some way to get the rich person in their power); hurts from other characters can be as vicious as you want, but not fatal.

Star Trek: DS9
Garak/Bashir (both or either hurt)

Character acts casual about their scars from childhood abuse
Accidentally revealing trauma
B comforts A after A turns evil for a while
Casual disregard for personal safety/wellbeing
Accidental love confession from hurt character due to them not thinking clearly
Aftermath of Torture
Character A tortured to hurt Character B
Unexpected Mercy - Character Convinced They'll Be Tortured/Killed Begs Mercy For Another

So many options here! The first one is more Garak than Julian, but all of the rest work well for either character. In general, I like to see Garak have to be soft - Julian's emotions always being closer to the surface, it's just more satisfying - so whether he's the hurt one or the comforter, I'd love the focus to be on him having to be somewhat open.

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