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Thinking about the NYC 1880s fancy dress ball - since it's not a hand-sewn era, I'd kind of feel okay about using *gasp* synthetics and such if I were to plan to go. It made me realize again that for whatever reason, late Victorian evening wear is almost entirely neglected in the pattern books, so that's something I'm going to look out for when I get there.

(I'm going to see if I can do some patterns for the Chapman's website - they make a good addition to an online catalogue! I'll do representatives from every era if they'll let me, but more likely it will be a couple of simple 1920s evening dresses. Just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me publish some patterns.)

I think I'm going to go in on the 18th Century Hair & Wig Styling book. You already know I have ridiculous issues with spending money, so I've been hemming and hawing ... but it's probably a good investment. If I look better as a recreationist I look like I know what I'm doing, more professional, etc.

Where did my box of antique magazines go? I kept it out of the basement to keep it safe, but now I have no idea where that safe place was.

Getting sick. :(

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Jan. 16th, 2014 08:36 am (UTC)
I've been doing the hemming and hawing, too. I'm almost tempted to do the $20 donation now, knowing I'll pay the rest a little closer to when the book actually comes out...
Jan. 16th, 2014 04:02 pm (UTC)
In the end, I went for it. It'll probably be a good investment, as any style would be an improvement on the way I do my hair. For someone who's had long hair for most of her life, I'm remarkably incompetent at doing anything with it.
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