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I think there are squirrels in the walls

Installed at Mom's house. It's so small - my dresser is literally two drawers, and I could look out for a bigger one on CraigsList but it simply wouldn't fit in the room. I only have a twin bed, which is tricky to get used to, but it has a good mattress. And it's basically cold all the time. But it's nice here, and it's nice being back in Greenwich and being able to walk to the stores and library.

Which we did today, and I bought a box of antique/vintage books from the library basement which I am now putting on Etsy, since I've (mysteriously) sold all the rest I had up.

Still trying to decide how I feel about this Robin Hood fanfic I'm reading. It's clearly based on the BBC show with strategic details changed so it's public domain fic. See, on the one hand I have a juvenile "lol Mary Sue" reaction to the author's OFC, who loooves Guy of Gisbourne when that horrible Marian couldn't. On the other, I'm kind of rooting for her because hell yeah, you publish your self-insert fic for real money like all the rest of us wished we could have at 15. On the third hand, I'm disapproving of how the heroine can't understand that Guy pressing Marian when she was in love with someone else was the issue, not Marian's inability to stop spurning Guy. On the fourth hand, I realized that there's a big difference between Rhapsody/Ayla Sues that are just soooo amazing, and the kind of Sues that are not that amazing in and of themselves (ability-wise, looks-wise) but are ~special~ because of something emotional, the way they connect with someone or fulfill someone's need. And that second type doesn't annoy me half as much as the first. And one of the reasons Twilight irritates me is that Bella is so much the second that she becomes the first.

I am probably going to get one of Kay Gnagey's hoops at some point - the pictures on her website are pretty sketchy, but looking at LR Stern's 2013 wrap-up it actually is a really good shape.

AAAAHHHH so nervous about first day tomorrow even though I'm going back to a place where I know everyone, I know some of what I need to know and am going to learn what I don't, and what I don't is something nobody there knows so it's not like I'm going to be held up to some standard. Plus I REALLY, REALLY want to do some patterns for the website, and what will I doooo if they say no. But I mean, that would be an excellent draw, wouldn't it? If I did a good enough job and did interesting enough garments, people could care about it and use them, right? And it would be like "oh, you want an 1880s walking dress with an asymmetrical closure? or an everyday cotton dress from the early 1900s? or a sexy Directoire evening dress? Here's this site, they have a few of these patterns, if you're okay with scaling up." (Is anyone else okay with scaling up? It used to seem to me like most people used Arnold and Waugh, but now it feels like everyone uses Reconstructing History/Past Patterns/Truly Victorian/etc. and the people who can drape patterns just look at the books for general shapes. But I can't tell if this is real or just paranoia/confirmation bias.) And maybe that would increase site traffic and even give them some more visitors and researchers. I don't know, would you use them if there were some new free patterns posted, within the range 1850-1950 and not generally super fashionable (don't think there's any Paris couture)?

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Jan. 21st, 2014 11:16 pm (UTC)
I Think There Are Squirrels In The Walls should be the title of your memoirs when you write them. Just sayin.

Also yes. Patterns on websites for free, all my yes. :D
Jan. 22nd, 2014 12:16 am (UTC)
Mom says it's just mice, but they were REALLY UNSETTLINGLY LOUD last night when she was out and it was just me.

I'm going to wait to bring it up because there are more pressing issues (hardly any of the documentation photos I took in 2012 are decent enough for public display), but I'm definitely going to bring it up sometime. Maybe once I've gotten started on the actual work of the project, so it doesn't feel like I'm trying to divert away from more important aspects.
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