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Working on that petticoat! It's narrow - the fabric is ~45" wide, so two widths makes for something a bit narrow, but a third would be enormous, and cutting a ~20" wide piece to stick in the middle is not my method. I'm just going to advertise it as an underpetticoat or working-class top petticoat, feh. Pricing is tricky, though. I'm thinking $60 because while it's hand-sewn it's not entirely accurate fabric (printed stripe). Not sure what to do with the rest. There's enough to make another petticoat, which I could keep or put up, but I could also make a bedgown just to show more of my range. OTOH, maybe I should do another petticoat and then buy some linen to make aprons and bedgowns.

It would be risky in terms of financial outlay, especially as the style isn't accurate for the Revolution and in the costumer community nobody seems particularly interested in it, but I love the sheer white top petticoat + colored silk petticoat combination and it would be kind of cool to sell the two together. Maybe I'll write a post about what I was thinking when I started it and where I'm thinking of going, get some feedback.

HAD MY HAIR CUT THIS MORNING. Majorly. I think about six inches came off. Supposedly shorter hair would make me look more mature and help me do better in interviews and so on, but TBH when I look in the mirror I see 1920s teenagers with their first bobs. For some reason, my hair waves wildly on the right side of my head, but goes straight (for a curly standard of straight) on the left, but I'm going to try out the curling iron tomorrow morning.

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Mar. 3rd, 2014 01:53 am (UTC)
I LOVE the colored petticoat plus sheer white overskirt combo. I did it on a Regency dress and I plan on doing it for an 18th century something or other at some point.
Mar. 4th, 2014 12:08 am (UTC)
Maybe I'll do one to go with my white gown! It would be a nice, minimal-cost project. Just a couple of yards of silk.
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