Margo! Boxcar! Saturn! (chocolatepot) wrote,
Margo! Boxcar! Saturn!

So tired, not capable of going into much detail. But I went to the MANY conference and it was great! I came away with a lot of ideas for the museum, like turning one really dated gallery into an installation of a 1930s St. Lawrence U student's room (the building was used as a restaurant with bedroom rented to students). I'm also thinking of presenting next year. It was nice to see a bunch of people again, too - Kim from the Chapman, Kathleen from Brookside, Kathryn and Connie from NYSM.

Another Five Minute History page got posted to Fashion Historians Unite, this one on Worth and as usual full of bullshit. I wish there were a way to get people to stop believing it's a good site, or just to get David James to stop writing about fashion when he knows nothing about it. Guess I will deal with this by turning several into a BadHistory post.

Sent out my book proposal to Bloomsbury! I feel like I have a chance because they published How To Read A Dress, but otoh they might be like "we published HTRAD, do we really need another guide?" I should contact the Boston MFA again, see if they ever made a decision about the Galerie des Modes (my nightmare scenario is that they decide to reprint it but want to do their own translations in-house and years of my work suddenly becomes worthless because info I posted on my blog instantly becomes meaningless the second someone else publishes the same or a similar thing).

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