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I should be sewing, but it's very hot and I just got back from a short and unnecessary walk, so

Ugh, and I pulled the boba out of the cupboard to make bubble tea and found that the potato in there had rotted and oozed all over the bottom of the boba bag, as well as the box of matzoh meal. Fortunately the bag is plastic. Cleaned up the immediate mess, but there's still a black residue around the edges and it smells foul. It's smelled bad for a while and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. :( Now the whole apartment smells like rotten potato. :( :( :(

Had a good weekend hanging out at home - Dad and I went to Old Sturbridge Village to see Big River (which was very good) and then there was really nothing else on the schedule. It's just as hot down there but less humid and the house gets a good cross-breeze, so I was much more comfortable. I decided, after the conversation with Dad on the way there and back, that since I'm so overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do with my career (or if I should go into something else before I get too old to switch, I'd rather deal with that at 29 than 39) I've got to find a mentor. Went looking to see how other people have handled that, and lots of them say they stayed in touch with professors, which makes no sense to me unless they're adjuncts who also work in museums - but I did find out that the AAM is trying to connect mentors and mentees in collections stewardship, so I filled out their form and will hopefully hear back! Lately nobody is responding to my emails. So hopefully I'll be put in touch with a curator/CM in a prosperous historic house or a living history site or an actual costume collection who can advise me about what I should be doing online to look better to employers, if I do need to be fixated on academic publishing, etc. and I can stop crying about it here.

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I can't get over the irony that Labor Day is meant to celebrate unionizing and the improvement of working conditions and today we make a big fuss over it and give people the day off ... yet we also turn it into an opportunity for sales and force everyone in retail to work it. And work twice as hard, because all of the people who have the day off are in the stores, buying stuff when they normally wouldn't. Sad, sad irony.

Updated my LinkedIn profile this morning before work. Used a friend's as a hint for how I should do things, now once again despairing because I've wasted so much time not living in New York and volunteering places. But I literally was at work or class every single day when I was there - in one semester, I had class and work on the same day! But I could have interned half-days after or before class ... Oh well, I am going to start volunteering soon.

I've strained my right middle finger pressing buttons on the Hobart price sticker machine. This is very sad. It's unhappy being extended, I have to type with my right ring finger and press buttons with pointer. Tried icing it, didn't do much. Now pointer is starting to hurt! What now?!

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e. st v. millay

Oh hey

When I was in the UK for the first time (2004, I think?) my family went to Ludlow Fair, and I bought a cheap Guys & Dolls CD that almost looked like a bootleg. I haven't listened to it much over the years, but I stuck it in my car the other day and then noticed that Nathan Detroit is played by Bernard Cribbins.

So there's that.

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