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It's interesting to read well thought out meta about Glee's issues with coming-out storylines, but I'm forced to admit that my reasons for giving up on it are nowhere near as noble. Though they are twofold. 1) Ever since I started watching Smash, Glee has been less of a priority as my musical-show needs are being filled by something that, even when it's not very good, is still better in nearly all respects. 2) It always kind of niggled at me that the Glee characters' reactions in the theme episodes - the mad love of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Britney, etc. - never really made sense to me with their ages/generation. Melissa loves the theme episodes, though, and in general is more into the show than I am. It finally struck me when I saw the promo where they're all "disco sucks" that this is because the show is completely aimed at Generation X. The complete disdain for disco is something people who actually remember it have, imo. It was one thing at the beginning where it was a high school show for non-high schoolers, but that's different than "a high school show that panders to a specific set of adults".

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I'm so, so picky

Season 2 might have been "Glee's" highest-rated season yet, but showrunner Ryan Murphy has heard a lot of the criticisms about the season -- even from hardcore Gleeks -- and is ready to do something about it.

The creator of the hit Fox show has made his position on Season 3 quite clear: Few guest stars. Less songs.

Who made that criticism? Who was saying, "Oh, Glee is great, the only thing I'd change is take out some of the songs"?

So I put down The Watsons. Skipped to the end, saw that Emma ended up with an OMC, rolled my eyes. (Instead I'm reading When Beauty Tamed the beast, omg, tartanboxers, you were right, so amazing.) So now I will treat you to everything that annoyed me about Aiken's additions.

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ETA: Oh! Forgot the most annoying bit. In skimming through the rest of the book, I noticed to my horror that after vol. 1 of Mr. Watson's collected sermons is published (after being prepared by Emma, of course), Aiken totally used the bit from Austen's life with the Prince Regent ~giving permission~ for her to dedicate the next volume to him. And, you know, she did that in Eliza's Daughters, too, with Elinor writing Austen's novels. So much no.