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I will finish this bustle skirt (which I can now do because my dress form with its enormous pendulous bosom is taped in place on the stand) before I'm allowed to sew more for everyday, but next up is this simple sundress in my pretty hibiscus fabric. I made it before and wasn't totally happy with it then, but it was a combination of a) poor fabric choice, b) not being as pretty as the model, and c) being at my highest weight. I'm pretty confident that these will combine well, what do you think?

I just keep fanning my three Retro Butterick patterns out and gloating over them. Oh, I suppose I should make a half-slip before I make another dress ... darn, do I have any fabric for that?

After two 50-degree days, I've finally come to terms with this cold, which should be here for most of the week. It would have been easier if the landlord would close the windows in the hall and/or turn the heat back on, but I suppose that would be too much to ask for. Still, it's been good for knitting. Remember when I said a few weeks ago that I was almost ready to put the sleeve stitches on waste yarn? Well, I was wrong - I still had to do 16 rows with a different system of increases. But this afternoon I got to take them off, finally, and I lost 130 stitches per row, which should make things speed up.

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Proper Update for Once

This week went by very fast. What's been going on in it?

- At work, I finished cleaning up the PastPerfect entries that had the whole object number in the accession group field and nothing in the object number field; about 20% of them had no numbers at all, which is unfortunate, and I didn't actually do anything with them. Eventually I want us to have a blog like the one Kjirsten does for Clermont, so I've started working on a post about a local woman whose niece(?) donated a bunch of her photos and papers, including a scrapbook from her years at St. Lawrence U in the 1920s. There's still a bit of a mystery that I can't solve through nyshistoricnewspapers.org - she was originally on track to graduate in 1926, but she ended up graduating in 1927. It seems like something might have happened around 1925, maybe she was ill and missed a semester? I hate to post anything incomplete ... But anyway, there are some great photos from her sorority and I think people will like it. The web guy says he thinks he can integrate it into the site.

- I haven't been doing any sewing at all and I feel really bad about it, but at the same time not bad enough to actually do it. The honesty meme going around the blogs is great (I'm not doing it for obvious reasons), but it makes me even more hard on myself - other people's great pictures have never been the issue for me, it's the way other people get work done despite not being in Inspired Sewing Mode that does it. I'm always impressed by the way you all manage to finish things, especially when you're feeling bad in general. So ... yeah. But I have been knitting a lot, as the evenings are fairly cool. My cardigan is about five inches long from the back of the neck now. Twelve more rows of increases before I can put the arm stitches on scrap yarn, at which point it should speed way up.

- I read A Song for Arbonne by Guy Gavriel Kay a little while ago, and it was good. Pseudo-history! But it did have the problem that's common to pseudo-history - the countries that are stand-ins for real European countries are based on broad stereotypes in an unrealistic way. Not!Italy has banks and cool, not!Normandy is uber-warlike and oppressive, not!Occitania is all troubadors and egalitarian. But overall the story was paced very well - it's a long book, but I never felt like I was stuck or it needed to speed up -and even if the villains were OTT villainous, I'm always good with some OTT villains. The only thing that left me disappointed was Collapse )

Plus, I don't think you should fictionalize the crusade against the Cathars in such a starkly regressive/progressive dichotomy. The Cathar heresy was pretty radical and politicized - their persecution was horrible, but it wasn't due to the kings and nobility thinking they were too feminist or just being warmongers. I don't hold with the idea that whenever you analogize something you're saying they're exactly the same, but yeah.

Now I've started the first Harry Dresden book and a non-fiction on the rise and fall of the de' Medici family.

- I need to take everything out of my cupboards and move them around because all the food is above the fridge and it's getting too warm. And I need to vacuum, and I'm considering having the landlord take out the A/C unit because I'd rather have a fan. (I can set it to "fan" but then it's incredibly loud and awful and it's right next to the couch.)

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What has been going on?

- I was watching New Girl and I had my period backache and Jess was clutching a hot water bottle, which made me realize I really really needed a hot water bottle. So I bought one, and it's awesome.

- I have become what I once looked skeptically at, and have become addicted to New Girl. By the way.

- The house has been inspected and passed, pending water and radon tests.

- Went through all of my Interweaves and folded down corners for things I could make as Christmas presents and things I intend to make for myself.

- Started knitting a hot water bottle cover (Ravelry link), but I need to go buy some things you put on the ends of needles to make the stitches stop falling off.

- Spinning some more of that blue Cormo I bought last year, hoping it is not bug-infested.

- I've applied to at least 8 jobs this week, that seems fairly decent.

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Nearly done with the hat I'm making for Owen for Christmas - the Amstel hat. I just have to finish the ribbing along the bottom. For some reason it seems smaller than it does in the pictures from Interweave. Maybe the model just has a tiny head?

I have so much yarn stored up that I'm going to try to do something with it. Everything acrylic, I'm just going to give to Mom - she does knitting with her Crafts class, and she doesn't mind using acrylic herself. Then I'm going to do stuff with the rest. I've got a big stack of Interweaves and several books (one is Knitting Little Luxuries or something like that, small projects), and I'll just make things and give them away, and hopefully make a dent before next summer and its re-enacting season.

I've read more fanfiction in the past two weeks than the past six months. It's a bit strange.

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e. st v. millay

Return of the Sticks

There's a fiber fair this weekend, so I went with Mom yesterday. I wasn't going to buy anything - I bought some beautiful blue roving last year and of course have not spun more than a handful of it - but I did end up with two skeins of different blues from a local farm (mix of Romney, Wensleydale, and Blue-Faced Leicester) to knit Christmas presents for Dad and Melissa. Was going to be socks, but I would have needed more, so a hat for Dad and a lace scarf for Melissa. Started in on the hat last night, found that my dpns in that size are metal (damn) and are a set of four so not quite compatible with the organization of the pattern (DAMN), so it was not fun getting it started, but it is. I always forget how much I like knitting - haven't done it in probably about two years. Also forget how much I dislike winding center-pull balls.

At the local fiber mill's booth, I picked up a copy of Interweave (from after I stopped subscribing) with an adorable "Downton sweater" that I'm going to make someday, though it involves a lot of stranded colorwork so maybe I'll just knit it plain, and a copy of Knitting Traditions because their global designs are usually very classic.

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