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Had a very good visit with Julie this weekend! Very productive - even barring the masses of fake hair from the wedding, I've got new sneakers that have made my knees hurt less and advice that seems to be helping my wrist. Oh and I guess I was useful to her as well. :D It was good.

Today - working on flags for the museum's latest exhibit, trying to be done for tomorrow. Need more sticky hem tape. Later: did not get hem tape. Mom will sew hems. Yay!

Much later: Flags almost all done - only blackletter "Glen Club" left. It is very dull but at least I'm almost done and can do nothing tomorrow (except for the break where I drive the things up to GF, obv). I'm not putting the grommets in because I don't have enough to do what they asked for and I don't want to make the call of which corners shouldn't get them.

Later: Did Glen Club, didn't even use stencils, just freehanded it while looking at it in Word. Think it came out pretty well. This plus changing my address and PCP with WellCare, plus mailing a sold book, plus getting an appt. for an oil change = today was unexpectedly productive.

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Can't remember if I said it when I first reviewed Austenland, but the movie really brings out the inherent creepiness of the fact that this is a brothel. It's pointed out in the book that despite all of the official talk about authenticity it's actually quite flimsy just behind the scenes, but the visuals make it even clearer that the whole premise of "live in the Regency/a Jane Austen novel" is just a screen for the fact that she invites rich women to spend a lot of money to be paired with a man who is paid to pretend to love them, eg. emotional prostitution. It skeeves me out so much that even not very far into the book I was noping right out of the concept.

Mom and I drove down to Ron's family farm down in Delhi yesterday after lunch, and had dinner with his parents before they left to go to ... Florida? I'm not sure. It's always an interesting experience to come down here. For one thing, I've lived in a very rural area for most of my life, but never on a farm. I know that farming is very hard daily work, that farms are dirty, FFA and 4H, etc. but it's different to experience ... okay, not experience, there's an understanding that I've come because I need to see Ron's parents every once in a while and we're staying here to go see Gramma afterward, and therefore I'm not expected to do farm work. (Also, my arm is in a brace.) But it's different to be with people who are spending all day working on the farm.

But the other thing is frustrating. Ron's parents never really wanted to run the farm, or the apartments attached to it (in the 30s-40s-50s, it was a pretty successful boarding house, especially for summer visitors - now they're full apartments), and so they've really let them go. They charge 1970s prices and the rooms haven't been done since the 1970s either, so the tenants don't respect them and treat the shitty rooms like shit. There's a no pets rule, but when someone is coming and says they have a cat, they allow it, so the larger building stinks of cat pee. (It makes me nostalgic for the city!) They don't charge tenants for heat, so it gets cranked up and they end up paying more than they get in rent. Right now, Mom and Ron are living in the upper floor of the smaller building and renovating the lower floor. They said the walls and ceiling of the bathroom were totally brown with cigarette residue. It's pretty awful, and the downstairs was just as bad if not worse. (Mainly what I remember are the hole in and scribbles on the wall, the chemically fogged-up window, and the folding plastic doors.)

They need to jack up the rents and fix up the whole place so that those new rents are appropriate, but they're not really interested in it and Ron can't convince them because they don't want to basically kick the people out, even though half the reason the apartments are terrible is because the people who live in them let their cats run wild and stick things in the walls and so on.

But a calf was born today! It's pretty adorable, I'm glad I saw it.

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New job is starting off well. I don't want to stay there forever, but since I spend most of the time by myself, self-guiding between various paper tasks, it's reasonably low-stress. Once I get on the computer system there I'll be all set. So far I know the supervisor who trained me, the woman who takes stuff off the printer and mails it all day, and the guy who sits behind me and also has a cool Italian surname.

Had a very mature talk over dinner about paying rent, being an equal adult, etc. and I'm happy about that.

I'm happiest, though, about the fact that I just finished translating the last of Galerie des Modes. *dances* Technically, I finished tranlsating the original text ages ago - the whole latter half of it has been cobbled together from other sources. I have to hope the 1912 reprinters only had the plates and weren't just choosing randomly to make me have to do twice as much work a century later (assuming the MMA does have an original of the last two volumes, which has been suggested to me).

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So I just got in an accident?

Um. Short version: I fishtailed (at 35 mph, was not speeding, but road is slushy) and hit the bit where the guardrail begins, and the car flipped entirely around so it was facing the other direction while lying on the driver's side in the ditch. I somehow got out the passenger side although I'm not sure how as the door was heavy to hold open like that, and a family that had stopped stayed with me. There is a bruise on my thigh but other than that and a chipped nail I'm fine although still kind of out of it, can you tell?

I'm trying not to be too self-reproachful, but it's hard not to be continuously calling myself a stupid fuck who should have left work earlier.

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I just found out that dental insurance plans aren't like medical ones and you can't be on your parents' until you're 26. So ... that's not good. OTOH, I have no fillings and my wisdom teeth are out, so I really just need something to cover preventative care, which looks to be not too expensive. But still kind of a punch in the gut, esp. as it obviously led to a "if you got a job with dental you wouldn't have to worry about it" conversation and now I feel kind of like shit.

and I just want Tumblrites to like the pictures I took of fashion plates from my magazine and nobody cares ;_;

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Now that is incredibly bizarre

Browsing Facebook, and my eye was caught by a post from the roommate I had sophomore year of undergrad. It was tagged at the end with her boyfriend, whose name I recognized as someone I knew all through grade school and high school. It's not like we live near each other or anything, it's so weird that they'd end up together. I actually sent her a message to be like "weird, huh?" and OH MY GOD I'VE JUST THOUGHT WHAT IF THEY'VE TALKED ABOUT HOW AWFUL I AM

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The world has no compassion for my poor nerves

I just noticed the back door wasn't fully locked and now I'm freaking out. I mean, if someone was going to have broken in they would have taken something like, IDK, this laptop and clearly it's here so probably nobody came in, also we live at the end of a small subdivision and the ~trouble-making~ element among the teenage population has grown up and moved out, so there probably wasn't even anyone around to notice that it was half-unlocked, but - did I leave it like that? When was the last time I touched that door? What if someone came in and locked it behind them but failed because they weren't paying attention, and now they're hiding in the house? And they just didn't come out for the past three hours because of Reasons?

I've been having anxiety dreams lately that I told Dad weren't anxiety dreams, but after I thought about it for a bit I realized that they all revolve around me having to lock doors so people can't get in, or my car door not being locked. Also, Teddy tends to be there. I suspect this is all about how many nights I'm alone here, because Dad spends most of his time at Melissa's. We need to get another dog so I have a friend. Also I need to lock my bedroom door tonight for the sake of my own nerves.

ETA: I heard a noise. But I don't know what it is. I need to improvise a weapon to take upstairs with me.

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I think I have just made up my mind that I'm not going to be one of the people who constantly has an historical sewing project going. I have too much to do to keep track of! Plus, working with historic textiles makes me want to sew less when I'm done with work, though it also (paradoxically) makes me want to sew more because I learn so much about construction techniques and look at so much inspiration. What I really ought to do is stop moaning at myself about not matching anybody's productivity and start posting pictures to my blog. The trouble is that I always feel like I have to either have sewing progress or a lecture to share, and intellectually I know this isn't true but emotionally it's always like I need to TEACH people something or it's pointless. Bah. I have seen some very cool things (and some very boring things, today was 80% petticoats) and I ought to share them.

My stupid camera battery charger is missing. I was really worried about the vacation but Melissa's is the same; she can't find hers but it's vastly more likely that she will find hers first.

I don't particularly feel like going to a wedding tomorrow but it must be done.