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There are a lot of people on Tumblr who are so smug about their highbrow taste and their non-fannishness but are also obsessed with UST between male characters who will never be in a relationship in classic lit and tv shows. Just saying!

Because I am so very busy, I of course restarted the novel I've been working on for 15 years. Excerpts to come in a bit. I am loving reflecting on the honking big differences in my style from 17 to now (total ripoff of Sorcery & Cecelia -> authentic period voice) and in my plotting (villain going to do Big Bad Magic Thing -> smaller scale and focus on social relationships). I also love that a character I initially stuck in a few years ago because "all the women other than the protag are bad, she should also have a female friend" leapt onto the page as a real cool customer and now she's the love interest. The original love interest will be just a friend and financer of their Boston marriage.

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e. st v. millay

I didn't get out of bed until 9 this morning :O

Finished The Haunting of Hill House last night! Collapse )

Rewatching the Netflix series to try to pick up on color stuff. Collapse )

The fanfic meme!

What’re your first and second most common work ratings?
I have ten Gen, and one each of NR, Teen, and Mature.

What’s your most common archive warning? Least common?
"No Archive Warnings Apply", lol. Only one is "Chose not to Warn" and I suspect that that was a mistake, because I don't think there's anything warnable in it.

Do you consider yourself an adventurous writer?
Yeah, I think so. I get more adventurous in each exchange - you wouldn't believe some of the things I offered in the H/C exchange. I don't have much of a desire to write fanfic novels, really, or series: I want to write about everything and every fandom.

How many stories have you made in each pairing category?
Gen (6)
M/M (3)
F/M (2)
F/F (2)

Is this more accidental, or do you have preferences?
Mmm ... I used to have a strong M/F preference, but lately I don't even have a very strong romance preference anymore - I want to concentrate on people's sad childhoods, or their clothing. That being said, I never bother to nominate anything in exchanges and since nobody ever nominates Remus/Tonks, I can't offer that and write treats for it, which I would if it were there. Apparently nobody likes the ship anymore??? (Only joking, hardly anybody really liked the ship in the first place.)

What are your top 4 fandoms by numbers? Are you still active in any of them, and do you tend to migrate a lot?
Original Work (3) - lol, but for real it's the most fun
Harry Potter (2)
The Goblin Emperor (2)
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, book and tv version (2)

Harry Potter is my ride-or-die forever fandom, even if I'm not talking about it so much anymore. I'm definitely nowhere near as active in TGE as I used to be, and I don't offer it anymore because I can't remember enough about the characters ... but then, I also never really cared about the ships in the fandom, which is what everyone else seems to be into. I don't migrate a lot so much as I offer what I can write and typically get matched on the thing I put in last because I needed one more offer.

What are your top 4 relationship tags? Does this match how you feel about the characters, or are you puzzled?
All my relationship tags have one each! Multifandom exchanges 4 lyfe.

What are your top 2 most used additional tags, and your bottom 2? What would happen if you combined all 4 of these into a fic?
Top two are Alternate Universe and Clothing Porn, both with 3 uses; bottom two would be Meta and First Time, both with 1. Technically, I've used Meta in conjunction with Clothing Porn for a Goblin Emperor fashion magazine. All together, I think I would write a fake academic or pop history article about the clothing we have left from Emma Poole's wardrobe, in an alternate universe where she is a fabulous magician.

How many WIPs do you have currently running on AO3? Any you don’t plan on finishing?
Nooooooone. I know that I never finish anything so I don't post WIPs. Also, most of my WIPs are about OCs and I'm still very very wary of posting OC fic in public. Original post: https://chocolatepot.dreamwidth.org/1006483.html - please comment on Dreamwidth: https://chocolatepot.dreamwidth.org/1006483.html?mode=reply
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Finished my Chocolate Box fic, very proud. Now to write some treats ... I love the way the Original Works stuff has really taken off. Probably there are some who are annoyed about it - it's kind of antithetical to the point of a fanfiction exchange - but there's really nothing else out there for prompting/exchanging very short, emotionally-charged original fiction. And I love the way most of the pairings are themselves prompts without any additional information! E.g.:

Aging Male Operetta Singer/Male Light Designer Who Makes Him Look Divine
Arrogant Empress in Exile/Sensible Female Foreign Mercenary She's Hired to Protect Her
Bloodthirsty Female Warrior/Gentle Male Mage She's Attempting To Court
Charming Princess/Her Gruff Guardswoman Who Tries Hard Not to Seem Too Devoted
Dashing Highwayman/Nobleman Who Is In Fact The King In Disguise

Like, goshdarnit, you folks are cute.

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For April Fools at Ask Historians, we're answering questions by writing fiction! (The audience is not 100% on board yet.) I wrote the Story of a Turque and Maria Annalspornographie (it's not a sex story at all, that's another user's handle). But my favorite is sunagainstgold's answer on red hair as a bad thing in the Middle Ages, it's hilarious.

ETA: I've also written one on staying cool at a ball.

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I seem to have a bad habit of making decisions while writing, and then almost immediately walking them back after I see them typed out. So a little while ago, I was like, "I'm not going to bother trying to write for real publication, I'm just going to toddle stuff out and put it on Amazon for other nerds." But then I thought I might look at what the short story market looks like these days, and anyway ... as I wrote on the last page of the journal I just finished, When one part of life holds out on you and refuses to return your emails, turn back to something else you love. I've already sent out a piece of flash fiction and am working on a contemporary fantasy short story.

And then there was a ridic conversation on [personal profile] sarahbellem's FB with a costume designer that reminded me, hey, I was going to write a guide once upon a time that didn't just explain the history of fashion but was specifically addressed to people making or writing about clothing so they can avoid pitfalls. And so now I'm working on a proposal for that. I'm kind of terrified that the failure of RWD will make it impossible for me to publish ever again, but this is a totally different thing with way more market potential.

Still haven't heard back from the MFA, but Bunka Gakuen did get back to me and say that they'd be able to give me a volume discount to cut the image use fee from $44/image to $9/image, which is phenomenal. So whatever happens with any of the many things I'm keeping in the air, I at least have confidence that this one project will be realized.

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Just dropping in to say - this is an excellent recipe for paneer, I highly recommend it.

Lately I've been writing and writing in my journal, trying to dig deeper than a recitation of events. Now to channel that into fiction ... if only the same kind of short story market existed today as in 1900! But I've basically made up my mind that my fiction-writing career, such as it is/will be, should be confined to self-pubbing on Amazon for the select crowd that really likes historical pastiche.

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Holy crackers, I was just looking through my Google Docs and I apparently came up with concepts for coffeeshop/bakery AUs for the Austen canon, and started writing the P&P one, and I quite like it? (The plan was to just write significant scenes, not to actually rewrite each book.) Must come back to this at some point.

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Thoughts on Fiction Lately

The Memoirs of Miss Sidney Bidulph

You may remember that I picked this book up at the museum's book sale. It's by Frances Chamberlaine Sheridan (1724-1766), which is a fantastic name, right? She married an actor/director and wrote several plays (two of which were put on by David Garrick, which was a Big Deal) and novels, encouraged by Samuel Richardson. Her son was Richard Brinsley Sheridan, the writer of A School for Scandal.

Sidney Bidulph is a three-volume novel, and I've just come to the end of the first volume. IMO, it should be studied alongside or instead of Pamela or Clarissa - it's a much better read and just as literatury. So this is an epistolary/diary novel about a young woman having a suitably dramatic life: she lives with her mother, and her brother brings home a friend for her. The two fall in love and are preparing to get married, but a Moral Impediment is found (the friend impregnated a young woman) and her mother cuts off the match, with Sidney sadly complying. After a while, they (minus the brother - he's inherited their father's title and is off doing his own thing all the time) go for a long visit to a friend of the mother's, where the mother and her friend set Sidney up with a different young man. She's not in love with him but appreciates how gentlemanly and good he is, so they get married and the affection comes later. Several years and two daughters later, the friend comes back into the picture as her husband turns out to be having an affair with a neighbor; the neighbor is revealed as a nasty person who was involved with the friend impregnating the young woman in a bad way, and she orchestrates the husband into believing that Sidney's having an affair, and he hypocritically kicks her out. (End Vol. I.)

One of the things I really like is that, unlike Richardson, Sheridan doesn't hit you over the head with THIS CHARACTER IS BAD or THIS CHARACTER IS A PARAGON. The mother's actions are conventional and what most would have lauded, and Sidney's filial obedience is praised by the text (and I think by the author), but there's certainly critique of the social norms. There are also some side stories that contribute to the critique - the young woman's isn't finished yet by a long shot, Sidney suspects that she's not as innocent as she makes out (which at this point could mean anything from "she kind of wanted to have sex with the friend" to "she helped orchestrate their encounter to trick him into marriage"), but there's certainly a condemnation of what happened to her; the mother's friend has a daughter that married against her mother's wishes for love, and the narrative is very sympathetic to her and unsympathetic to her mother.

Finding Dory

SO CUTE. I wasn't sure if I was going to go see it - I'm a bit older than the demographic that's all "we've been waiting ten years for a sequel to Finding Nemo!" - but I saw it had 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and decided to do it. Collapse )

Crown Duel (Sherwood Smith)

I got this and its sequel, Court Duel, out of the library because of a rec online related to The Goblin Emperor (I think?). I was surprised that they turned out to be fairly slim YA volumes, but because they're older YA - back when it was "children's literature but a bit more complex and mature" - they're not full of the adolescent bullshit that usually makes me put YA books back on the shelf without finishing. The heroine is a teenager in a sexism-free medievalloid setting, and she and her brother have to rebel against the king on their father's death. She gets captured by the young aristocrat leading the king's forces, who they'd initially written off as a gambling fop, and they're clearly being set up for a future romance. I love it! (So far.)


My Ilvermorny opinions are probably somewhat controversial. (Link to JKR's writing on the first/biggest American magic school here, in case you haven't seen it.) It took me some time of pondering and mulling over to get at what was bothering me. See, Rowling doesn't even do the kind of interaction between Muggle and magical history and culture that people are expecting from her in other countries in her own. Magical Britain in Harry Potter is not just like modern day Britain, but with wands. She doesn't deal meaningfully with the Protestant Reformation/Jacobite Rebellion/reign of Victoria/WWI home front or the differences between all the regional cultures in the UK. It's very reasonable to say that you can do that to your own culture but not someone else's, but it seems like the common thought is that she was especially accurate to Britain and then did America worse and "wrong".

Basically, Rowling's worldbuilding is equal parts pastiche and Rule of Funny/Cool, and people want more standard urban fantasy worldbuilding. The magical world in HP is a thing totally apart from the Muggle world, not separated by a thin curtain so that every state/city has essentially the same culture on both sides. And TBH I wouldn't want it any other way.

... Actually, thinking about it, I would probably go with tight ethnic enclaves for American wizards, with some marrying in from local Muggles. There's definitely not a high enough population to support them spread out over the entire continent.


I just cannot write lately. I had a pretty good idea recently that could probably work as a novel but realistically, I know I could only do as a longer short story. Part of the problem is that I can't seem to get it started, and part is that I can't figure out what I'd do with it afterward. It's not salable (except maybe to a magazine from the Edwardian period), and if I put it on Amazon, do I use a pen name? Should I republish A Worthy Connection under a pen name? LIFE. I need someone else to make my decisions for me.

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